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Developer(s)Smith & Tinker
Engine3D Unity
Platform(s)PC, Mac
IndustryVideo Games
Current statusPurchased by another owner

Nanovor was a massively multi-player online card battle video game developed by Smith & Tinker. It was the first release in a planned multimedia franchise to be marketed to the American youth demographic. After reaching 2 million "splatters" the game was shut down, but later had a release on iOS devices .[1]


The game is played with 2-4 players, where a player uses their Nanovor teams (called Swarms) to battle the other swarms by using three attacks (Or in rare cases, four) unique to each Nanovor to deal damage and lower values. Each Nanovor has 4 value types: power (how much damage an attack does), armor (the amount of damage reduced), speed (decider on who attacks first) and health (the life gauge) plus the attacks require energy to play, where energy is increased by 2 after each round. You can also swap in other Nanovor to fit your strategy. Players can also use various hacks and mods to change up the game in various ways like swap-blocking an opponent and using things called spikes to upgrade an attack. When a Nanovor gets down to health level 0, it gets "splattered" and thus, is removed from the game. The first one to splatter all the opposing swarms wins.

Power mechanics[edit]

The amount of damage of an attack is based on the power of the attacking nanovor and how the actual attack changes the amount of damage done. For example, a nanovor with 100 strength and uses an attack that has damage equal to half its strength will do 50 damage. The damage is always rounded to the nearest whole number.

Armor Mechanics[edit]

The armor stat on a nanovor affects how much damage is taken off attacks that hit it. It takes off as much damage as a total of how much armor it currently has. For example, a nanovor with 5 armor will only take 45 damage from a normally 50 damage attack.

Speed Mechanics[edit]

The nanovor that goes first in a battle is determined based on every nanovor in the battle's speed. It works like a raffle. For example, in a battle between a 50 speed nanovor and a 20 speed nanovor, the first will have 50/70 chances of going first, and the second 20/70 chances of going first.


The nanovor thrived and fought for dominance and glory during the formation of earth. When the Earth formed its oxygen-based atmosphere the nanovor became extinct, turning them into grains of sand, pieces of crystal and the element silicon. In 1961, when the first silicon chip was activated, a Nanovor was inside it, thus reactivating the species. It wasn't until the present that humanity became known through high school student Lucas Nelson who built a mini equivalent of an electron microscope (which he called a Nanoscope) to try to study dust mites but found the nanovor instead. Now he, his science teacher Mr.Sapphire (nicknamed Doc Zap) and Lucas' friends Drew, Monty and Nathan, along with other kids, formed the Lab Rats, a special group designed to study the Nanovor in greater detail by playing the game. Lucas also has a Nanovor Sensei named Taslos to learn more about the history of the Nanovor. However they had to keep the discovery a secret.

One day, a group of students found out about the Nanovor and so these kids ( a bully named Ben, his friend Sam Bramage(aka Bulk Damage), Dana Diamondback of the cheerleading squad and her father Richard, who wants revenge on the company S.K.Y. Labs) formed the Snake Pit, an evil force to try to prove they are the better players. The full story can be viewed on the website through videos which are being constantly updated every Friday.

Game-related information[edit]

As of December 13, 2010, the online game was scheduled to be discontinued on Dec. 31, 2010.

The game can be played in 3 formats: on the computer and through the single-player and multi-player games on the Nanoscope game attachment (looking like the one used by the Lab Rats in the series). The program needed to play the game can be downloaded from the site or a DVD-Rom disk found in various items. When you open the game you can get a battle going or you can manage your Nanovor and profile through various ways:make it

Collection tab[edit]

You can view your collection of Nanovor through here. Each Nanovor is divided into three family types: Magnamods (Red) who have high armor always, Velocitrons (Yellow) who have many Hacks and Mods and Hexites (Blue) which have attacks that ignore armor. Each Nanovor also gets a swarm value to rate how powerful it is (when making a swarm you can only have up to 1000 points worth of value). If you have a Nanoscope, you can also increase how powerful a Nanovor is by playing minigames to earn Jolts which add to any values except swarm values. You can even see the badges the Nanovor has.

Profile tab[edit]

You can see your statistics and badges plus change your avatar. The Badges show accomplishments you have done. Some badges give you rewards while others are needed to change specific Nanovor. Some are needed to evolve some nanovor.

Get Nanovor tab[edit]

This page can let you purchase Booster packs to get new Nanovor and EMs. Getting these packs require Nanocash that you can get from the site or from Game cards at specific retailers. More Booster packs will be coming soon. There will be a pack at the top of the list. It changes a lot, and it is usually a special nanovor with ems. also the game is cancelled


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