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Nantwich Museum and the entrance to the Cocoa Yard next to the museum.

Nantwich Museum is a local museum in the town of Nantwich, Cheshire, northwest England.[1][2]


The museum is located in Pillory Street, central Nantwich.[2] The museum's galleries present the history of Nantwich, including Roman salt making, the Great Fire in Nantwich in Tudor times (1583), the Battle of Nantwich (1644) during the English Civil War, and the local shoe and clothing industries. There are two extensions to the museum. In one there is a cheese-making exhibition together with the Joseph Heler meeting room, presenting the history of Cheshire cheese, especially with respect to Nantwich. There is also a community gallery for art exhibitions, etc., and also the award-winning Millennium Gallery used for temporary exhibitions.[1]


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