Naobaogou Formation

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Naobaogou Formation
Stratigraphic range: Lopingian
TypeGeological formation
Sub-unitsMembers I-III
UnderliesLaowopu Formation
OverliesShiyewan Formation
ThicknessMore than 1000 m
Country China
ExtentDaqing Mountains

The Naobaogou Formation is a geological formation in the Daqing Mountains of China. It is of Lopingian age. It consists of three rhythms of sediment, labelled members I-III primarily of purple siltstone, but each with a thick basal conglomerate. It is notable for its fossil content, producing one of the most diverse Late Permian vertebrate faunas outside Russia and South Africa.

Vertebrate Fauna[edit]

Fauna of the Naobaogou Formation
Genus Species Material Notes
Daqingshanodon[1] D. limbus Skull Dicynodont
Elginia[2] E. wuyongae Partial skull Pareiasaur
Jiufengia[3] J. Jiai Partial skull and postcranial skeleton Akidnognathid Therocephalian
Shiguaignathus[4] S. wangi Partial skull Akidnognathid Therocephalian
Gansurhinus[5] G. qingtoushanensis Captorhinid
Dicynodontia Indeterminate Partial skulls 6 additional morphotypes in addition to Daqingshanodon, 2 of which are closely related to the former taxon 3 or 4 related to Jimusaria, one possibly closely related to Turfanodon.[6]


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