Napoleon Disentimed

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Napoleon Disentimed
Napoleon Disentimed Russian.jpg
The Russian edition of Napoleon Disentimed, 1997
Author Hayford Peirce
Country United States
Language English
Genre Science fiction
Publisher Tor Books
Publication date

Napoleon Disentimed is a science fiction novel by Hayford Peirce first published by Tor Books in 1987. It is a humorous treatment of two standard science fiction themes, those of time travel and of parallel universes. The protagonist is a dapper, clever con man who, although born to humble origins in Bangor, Maine, United States, calls himself Sir Kevin Dean de Courtney MacNair of MacNair. Through a complicated series of misadventures he ends up impersonating Napoleon Bonaparte for the dictator's so-called "Missing Years", 1806-1808. By the end of the book he has succeeded in not only acquiring a beautiful wife and a slightly run-down château in France but in also inventing both the modern indoor flush toilet and Champagne. A sequel to Napoleon Disentimed, also featuring the MacNair, is The Burr in the Garden of Eden.


British edition[edit]

Italian edition[edit]

German edition[edit]

  • Der Zeitgereiste Bonaparte, Heyne, 1992

Russian edition[edit]

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