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Narazeni (Georgian: ნარაზენი) is a village in Georgia situated 17 km east of Zugdidi.


The village has a population of 6,550. Narazeni residents speak Mengrelian, Georgian, Russian and a little English.


The village is partly mountainous. The Chanistskali River flows through the village.


In the village there are three schools, a kindergarten, ambulance, police, and a few shops. During the Soviet period a newspaper in the Megrelian language called "narazenish chai" was published in the village.


The village was on the transit route in the Silk Road period.

During the Soviet period, Narazeni was a farming village. There were tea plantations, fruit gardens, and mandarine plantations.

Presently, the head of the village is Zamir Janjgava (2009-).

Coordinates: 42°24′N 41°55′E / 42.400°N 41.917°E / 42.400; 41.917