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Bernardo “Narding” Anzures (1928-1949) was a Filipino film actor and convicted murderer.

The son of actors Miguel Anzures and Rosa Aguirre, Anzures had starred in pre–World War II films as a child actor. After the war, he was paired with Lilian Velez in three LVN films, Binibiro Lamang Kita, Ang Estudyante, and Sa Kabukiran.

In 1948, LVN decided to cast Jaime de la Rosa as Velez's leading man in her next picture. The decision upset Anzures. At 1:00 AM of June 27, 1948, Anzures barged into the home of Velez and stabbed her and a housemaid to death. On June 29, 1948, Anzures was promptly arrested. On July 19, 1949, Anzures was pleaded guilty to two murders. He was sentenced to two sentences of life imprisonment. He died in prison from tuberculosis.[when?][citation needed]