Narmin Othman

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Othman in Ramadi, Iraq, in 2008

Narmin Othman (born c.1948, Arabic: نيرمين عثمان; Kurdish Nermîn Osman) is the Iraqi Minister for the Environment in the government of Nouri al-Maliki, a post she also held in the Iraqi Transitional Government. She was Minister of Women's Affairs in the Iraqi Interim Government and a Minister of Education in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region from 1992 [1]

She escaped an assassination attempt in August 2005 when gunmen attacked her convoy [2]

Her family were active in the Kurdish peshmerga who fought Saddam Hussein who had her uncle and brother-in-law executed. Her husband (Daro Sheikh Noori) was imprisoned for five years where he was tortured.[3] She and her husband went into exile in Sweden in 1984, returning to Iraq in 1992. Her husband was a PUK Politburo member, who died in 2004, the same year that she was offered a post in the national government.