Nasser el-Mizdawi

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Nasser El-Mezdawi
Born (1950-09-05) 5 September 1950 (age 66)
Tripoli, Libya
Genres Libyan, Arabic Music
Occupation(s) Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist/composer
Years active 1975 - present

Nasser El Mezdawi (Arabic: ناصر المزداوي‎‎), (born 5 September 1950) is a Libyan singer, guitarist, songwriter and composer. Born in Tripoli, Mezdawi Study in Jamal Eddin Almiladi Institute of Music in Tripoli.[citation needed] Along with being one of, if not the pioneer of Modern Arabic pop music sometimes called progressive music, he has composed songs for the likes of Amr Diab[citation needed] and many other Arab Pop singers.


  • 2000 Wahdani
  • 1997 Raja'a
  • 1983 Angham libiya
  • 1975 Ughniyat an El ghurba (Annusour)


Mezdawi's first band Annusur, translates to The Eagles, released their first album "Ughniyat an Elghurba" in 1975 gaining instant popularity that rewarded them their first gold record. Mezdawi went on to participate in several international music festivals, giving concerts in Mexico, Cuba, USA, Portugal Malta and Greece. Nasser El Mezdawi is arguably the most popular artist that came out of Libya in the mid seventies. His work has been appreciated by the younger generation in urban North Africa and other Arab countries.

Much of his early work has been copied by other performers from the region, in fact, some very popular performers started out their careers, almost exclusively, covering his songs. This distinguished guitarist who survived trends, hype and persecution is one of few consistent composers, singers/song-writers that have put their mark, permanently, in the history of music in the region.

Darja, the Arabic dialect of North Africa, is the lyrical language of this sound. While the music is not necessarily Arabic, the rhythms are often mixtures of Berber, Arab, African and popular European. Artists usually reflect their diverse ethnic backgrounds through their own distinguishable work. The progressive sound remained local for the most part but Mezdawi's music broke into the international market through other Arab and European performers.

Nasser El Mezdawi is a pioneer in this form of music whom, many believe, is responsible for transforming the way young, urban Arab performers view and express their music today. QTF-1998

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