Natasha Hudson

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Natasha Hudson
Born Natasha Liana Hudson
(1982-09-09) 9 September 1982 (age 32)
Ipoh, Perak
Occupation Actress, Model & Host
Years active 1990s–present

Natasha Liana Hudson (born 9 September 1982 in Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia) is a model, actress, writer, and singer. She is an award-winning actress that has been seen on numerous television commercials, films and TV series in Malaysia and Indonesia. She also published two books in 2007, one an English poetry book titled My heart, My soul, My passion and a children's story book titled Puisi Indah Si Pari Pari.

In 2007 she was given an award[which?] for Most Promising Actress at the Malaysian film festival for her role as Nasrin from her film Chermin.

Personal life[edit]

Natasha married three times in her life, her first and second marriages both ending in divorce. Her first marriage lasted four months. Her second marriage, two years. Through this marriage, she gave birth to a daughter. In April 2012, she married a hip hop artist.


Year Film
2007 Chermin
2008 Tipu Kanan Tipu Kiri
2008 Sumolah
2011 Halilinta


  • Antara Keju dan Belacan (2011)
  • Bait Cinta (2011)
  • Deru Ombak (2011)
  • Andai Ku Tahu (2012)
  • Cinta Luar Biasa (2012)
  • Tudung (2012)
  • Pulau (2012)


  • Ibu zain (musical)
  • Gamat (musical)

Plaigarism of Poetry[edit]

In 2007, Hudson published a book which prociamed to be her own poems in Malay.[1] This brought about a large number of accusations of plaigarism by the Malaysian Blogger community. Three poems from her book were specifically pointed out to be a direct translation of well-known poems by Roger McGough, Ann Hoberman and Vachel Linsay.[2][3][4]


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