Nathan Eckstein Middle School

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Eckstein Middle School
Eckstein Middle School 01.jpg
Bryant / Wedgwood,
Seattle, Washington

United States
Type Public
Established 1950
School district Seattle Public Schools
Principal Treena Sterk
Faculty ~70
Grades 6-8
Enrollment 968 (projected)
Color(s) Blue and White
Athletics Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball, Track, Ultimate]
Mascot Eagles

Nathan Eckstein Middle School (originally Nathan Eckstein Junior High School) is located in Seattle, Washington and is part of Seattle Public Schools.


Eckstein Middle School is part of the Seattle Public School District and located on the border of the Wedgwood and Bryant neighborhoods. It was named after Nathan Eckstein, a Seattle businessman, Seattle School Board member, and onetime director of Seattle Public Schools.

The school originally opened as a junior high school in 1950 to 790 students. In 1971, it was changed into a middle school, teaching students in grades six through eight. For many years leading up to 2014, when school boundaries changed, Eckstein's student enrollment was about 1300 students. It now serves about 950 students, over 90 of whom are enrolled in the special education program, and employs 44 certificated teachers.

Eckstein is known for its academic program, elective offerings, and award-winning music and technology education programs.

In 1998, Richard Riley, the U.S. Secretary of Education, chose to deliver the State of Education address in the school's auditorium.[1]

The building is a designated city landmark.

Music Program[edit]


Eckstein has five orchestras. They are the Beginning, Junior, Intermediate, Senior, and Chamber Orchestras, taught by Brad Smith. The Beginning, Junior, and Intermediate Orchestras are string ensembles, and the Senior Orchestra is a symphony orchestra. Every year the orchestras perform at the Western Washington University Music Festival, in addition to many other festivals. The Senior Orchestra goes on an annual retreat to Icicle Creek Music Center for four days at the beginning of February. The Eckstein orchestra program has won a notable amount of awards.

Band Program[edit]

Eckstein has five Bands, not including the Jazz Bands. They are all taught by Cuauhtemoc Escobedo, except for the Beginning Band, which is taught by Jean Marie Kent. Beginning Band is for students beginning in the 6th grade instead of Elementary. Junior Band is for 6th graders, who played band in Elementary school and are at an average skill level for their age. Intermediate Band consists of mostly 7th graders, and usually about 0 to 8 6th graders who are above average skill level. Wind Ensemble is mainly for 8th graders, but less commonly obtains 7th graders and more recently, 6th graders.

Jazz Band[edit]

Eckstein has three jazz bands, two of which meet as a class during the school day, and one of which meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school. All three Jazz bands are taught by Moc Escobedo. The Senior Jazz Band attends the Monterey Jazz Festival in Monterey, California, and the Reno Jazz Festival in Nevada.[2]


On March 2013, a Eckstein student named Jeremy Zhang entered and won the Eckstein Logo Contest. The Logo consists of the Letter 'E', representing the Eckstein community, and various Eagle heads symbolizing the students of the school. The wings represents the teachers and staff who help and support the students.

Notable Alumni[edit]


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