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Nathan Lyon is an American chef and television personality. He hosted the Discovery Health television series A Lyon in the Kitchen.

A native of Arlington, Virginia, Lyon earned an undergraduate degree at James Madison University.[1] He began working in the food industry at the Army Navy Country Club in Arlington as a soldier, and then as a cafe manager. He attended the California School of Culinary Arts and then worked in several restaurants in Los Angeles. Lyon launched a personal chef business and worked four days a week at a farmers' market. He became a finalist on the Food Network television reality series The Next Food Network Star in 2005.[2] Lyon lost to Guy Fieri (with whom he became close friends during the competition), but began hosting a series by Discovery Health called A Lyon in the Kitchen. The show emphasizes fresh ingredients and fresh food, with the tagline "Great food starts fresh."[3]

Lyon began shooting a show on PBS called "Growing a Greener World" and was filming season 3.[4] He is also in the process of filming a new travel/food TV show for the Veria network.[5]

Lyon came out with his first cookbook, Great Food Starts Fresh, in December 2011.[6] This is a seasonal cookbook with 135 recipes with quotes of support from Alice Waters, Graham Kerr, Jamie Oliver, and Curtis Stone.


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