National Alliance (Sint Maarten)

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National Alliance
Leader William Marlin
Deputy Leader Silveria Jacobs[1]
President Cedric James
Preceded by Sint Maarten Patriotic Alliance
National Progressive Party
Youth wing NA Youth Wing
Colours      White
Parliament of Sint Maarten
5 / 15

The 'National Alliance' (Dutch: Nationale alliantie) is a political alliance in Sint Maarten, formed by the Sint Maarten Patriotic Alliance and the National Progressive Party. It is one of nine political parties within Sint Maarten.[2][3] At the legislative elections in the Netherlands Antilles, 18 January 2002, the alliance won 4.8% of the popular vote of Sint Maarten and 1 out of 22 seats. At the elections in the Netherlands Antilles of 27 January 2006, it won one extra seat.


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