National Broadcasting Network (Lebanon)

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Nbn lebanon.png
Numericable (France) Channel 718 (SD)
Freebox TV (France) Channel 655 (SD)

National Broadcasting Network known as NBN is the official television of the Lebanese Amal Movement. The National Broadcasting Network s.a.l. NBN, is a Lebanese private company by shares, founded in 1996. In September 2000, NBN launched its satellite channel via Arab Sat and Nile Sat to cover the Arab World, Europe and Africa. Since 2004, NBN is available in the United States through Reach Media Inc. NBN broadcasts the same channel simultaneously locally in Lebanon and via satellite. For a period of time, NBN once changed their corporate name to CityTV in 2007 before returning to their former name by popular demand[citation needed], although they did later change the design of their corporate identity anyway.

Now in 2016 NBN is the first Lebanese channel to broadcast programs in full HD technology.

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