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National Chinese Orchestra
Taiwan 2009 Taipei National Concert Hall at Chian Kai Shek Cultural Center FRD 7364 Pano Extracted.jpg
Founded 1984
Location Taipei, Taiwan
Website (in Chinese)

The National Chinese Orchestra, Taiwan (NCO; Chinese: 中華民國國立臺灣國樂團; pinyin: Zhong Hua Ming Guó Guó Li Táiwān Guó Yuètuán) is a Chinese orchestra based in Taipei, Taiwan, Republic of China. The ensemble was founded in 1984 as the National Art Academy Experimental Chinese Orchestra. Due to administrative changes, the orchestra is renamed National Experimental Chinese Orchestra in 1990, and 2006 National Chinese Orchestra. It comprises 93 musicians and take responsibility of collecting, researching, performing, recording, and publishing the traditional music in Taiwan.

Before 2008, the orchestra is run by the Ministry of Education and administrated by the National Taiwan University of Arts. The orchestra is now administrated by the new Taiwan Center for Traditional Arts under the Council for Cultural Affairs.

Li Shi-Min is the first principal conductor of the orchestra. In 1999, the orchestra appointed famous conductor and composer Chu Chuen-Chuan from Mainland China as principal conductor. After 10 years of direction under Chu, Wen Yi-jen is appointed music director for the 08/09 season, also the first season of the ensemble. The position of music director is currently on call, and conductor Wen Yi-jen is now serving as the principal guest conductor of the orchestra.


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