National Highway 45 (Myanmar)

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National Road 45 or State Highway 45 is a highway of eastern Burma, passing through Shan State. It connects Nansang to Mong Ton and the Thai border in the southeast.

The highway is fed by the National Highway 4 at Nansang at 20°53′N 97°43′E / 20.883°N 97.717°E / 20.883; 97.717 just west of Nansang Airport. It passes in a SSE direction through Mong Nai until Lang Khoi when it mostly heads east to Mong Pan and then NEE and southeast to Mong Ton where it connects with National Highway 49 at 20°17′59″N 98°53′44″E / 20.29972°N 98.89556°E / 20.29972; 98.89556. It then heads south to the Thai border where it ends just south of Namaklwe at 19°46′13″N 98°57′10″E / 19.77028°N 98.95278°E / 19.77028; 98.95278.