National Investigation Department of Nepal

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National Investigation Department
राष्ट्रिय अनुसन्धान बिभाग
Intellegence overview
Formed1962 (1962)
HeadquartersSinghadarbar, Kathmandu
Intellegence executive
  • Ganesh prasad Adhikari, Chief of NID
Parent IntellegenceOffice of The Prime Minister and Council of Ministers

National Investigation Department (NID) (Nepali: राष्ट्रिय अनुसन्धान बिभाग) is the main intelligence agency of Nepal collecting information about country’s public security, economic crimes, corruption, domestic and cross border terrorism, money laundering, narcotics, and human trafficking. NID works under the Office of The Prime Minister and Council of Ministers . [1] [2]

NID is one of the four major security-related agencies in Nepal, other being Nepal Police, Armed Police Force, and Nepal Army. Crime Investigation Department, a branch of Nepal police [3] and Directorate of Military Intelligence (Nepal), a branch of Nepal Army, are not related to NID.

Heads of the NID[edit]

  1. Harka Bahadur Thapa
  2. Ram Prasad Shrestha
  3. Chand Bahadur Rai
  4. Lekh bahadur Panday
  5. Bishnu Raj Panta
  6. Hari Bahadur Chaudhari
  7. Deviram sharma
  8. Dhan sing karki
  9. Ashok dev bhatt
  10. Moti gurung
  11. Jeet bahadur kc
  12. Dilipraj Regmi
  13. Ganesh Prasad Adhikari (current) [4]

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