National Philatelic Museum, New Delhi

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For the similarly named museum in the USA, see National Philatelic Museum.

The National Philatelic Museum at Dak Bhawan, New Delhi, India, is operated by the Department of Post. The facility. which is housed on the ground floor of a building, underwent a redevelopment in 2011. It now hosts an amphitheatre for presentations and discussions, a library and an area where artists can be seen at work, as well as displays of postage stamps and related items. There are interactive features and space is allocated for showing the private collections of philatelists.[1]

The museum was designed by Dr. Anand Burdhan of the Delhi Institute of Heritage Research and Management, who is also secretary of the Museum Association of India.[2]

It is situated on Sansad Marg (Parliament Street) near Connaught Place, New Delhi, and open Monday to Friday.[3]

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