Natsuko no Sake

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Natsuko's Sake
Natsuko no Sake.jpg
(Natsuko no Sake)
Written byAkira Oze
Published byKodansha
MagazineWeekly Morning
Original run19881991
Television drama
Original networkFuji Television
Original run January 12, 1994 March 23, 1994

Natsuko no Sake (夏子の酒, literally "Natsuko's Sake") is a Japanese manga series by Akira Oze. It was adapted into a live-action television series in 1994.[1]

The story centers around Natsuko Saeki, a young woman trying to break into sake making, a business that's traditionally carried out by men.

A prequel to the story by the same author, Natsu no Kura, tells the story of Natsuko's grandmother, Natsu.


Natsuko Saeki, a young woman working for an advertising company in Tokyo, returns to her family's home in the countryside. There she finds her brother, Yasuo, searching for a "phantom" rice seed called tatsunishiki, rumored to create a new form of sake. He finds the seeds, but after he passes away suddenly, Natsuko quits her job and begins working at the sake brewery to realize Yasuo's dream of making the best sake in Japan.


Natsuko Saeki
Played by Emi Wakui
Wataru Kusakabe
Played by Masato Hagiwara
Saeko Hashimoto
Played by Yuki Matsushita
Kazuko Saeki
Played by Mayumi Wakamura
Played by Hatsuo Yamaya
Played by Ken Ishiguro
Shizue Tanaka
Played by Mayumi Hasegawa
Yasuo Saeki
Played by Kiichi Nakai


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