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Navascués (Nabaskoze in Basque) is a town and municipality in the province and autonomous community of Navarre in northern Spain. It has a population of under 200.

It is located in the non-Basque-speaking area of the province, in Merindad Sangüesa[1] and 62 km from the capital, Pamplona. Spanish is the only official language since Basque has no official status.


  1. ^ The Merindad is a type of Spanish jurisdiction, started in the Middle Ages, especially implemented in Navarre and Old Castile. In the Middle Ages, Merindad refers primarily to a territory, a district located around a city or an important village, with the status of villa.

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Coordinates: 42°43′N 1°07′W / 42.717°N 1.117°W / 42.717; -1.117