Nawab Muzaffar Khan

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Nawab Muzaffar Khan
Religion Muslim
Died approx 1818 03 02
Multan Fort

Nawab Muzaffar Khan (Urdu: نواب مظفر خان‎) was governor of Multan. He also founded the city of Muzaffargarh in 1794.


In 1817, Maharaja Ranjit Singh sent his army to Multan. The commander of army was Diwan Bhiwani Das. Main purpose of this evasion was to ask Nawab Muzaffar Khan to accept the rule of Sikh Darbar. In 1818, Kharak Singh and Hindu Commander Diwan Misr Chand arms troops lay around Multan without making much initial headway. Maharaja Ranjit Singh sent a large cannon named Zamzama . Though in name, Armies was commanded by Prince Kharak Singh however it was the military genius of Diwan Misr Chand which captured Multan Fort.

Nawab Muzaffar Khan urged the majority of the Muslim population of the city of Multan to fight a war against the Sikhs and Hindus, however the tactics of Nawab Muzaffar Khan failed miserably as the Sikh armies were able to suppress the religious revolt of the Multan population. In the battle Diwan Misr Chand led the Sikh armies to victory over the Durrani General of Multan Nawab Muzaffar Khan. Muzzafar Khan and seven of his sons were killed before the Multan fort finally fell on March 2, 1818.[1][2] The death of Durrani General Nawab Muzzafar Khan brought the death of Muslim rule in Multan.

By name of Nawab Muzaffar Khan[edit]


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