Nawamin Road

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Route information
Length20 km (10 mi)
Major junctions
South endSeri Thai Road, Bang Kapi District
 Prasoet Manukit Road (Route 351)
Ratchada–Ram Inthra Road (Route 350)
North endRam Inthra Road (Route 304), Khan Na Yao District
Major citiesBangkok
Highway system
Highways in Thailand

Nawamin Road (Thai: ถนนนวมินทร์) is a highway in Bangkok, Thailand. It begins at Seri Thai Road and continues north until its end at Raminthra Road (Route 304). Its total length is approximately 20 km.[1]

Important roads that intersect with Nawamin Road include Si Burapha Road, Pho Kaeo Road, Prasoet Manukit Road (Route 351), as well as the newly completed Ratchada–Ram Inthra Road (Route 350) and the nearly completed expressway that runs parallel above it.


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