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Naya Waters Inc.
Industry Food industry
Founded 1986
Headquarters Mirabel, Quebec, Canada
Key people
Daniel Cotte, President[citation needed]
Products Bottled water

Naya Waters manufactures, under the name Naya, bottled natural spring water, drawn from a spring in the Laurentian Mountains. Naya water is bottled directly at this source, and it is naturally sodium free[citation needed]. The name Naya comes from the word Naiads, who, in Greek mythology, were the goddesses of thermal waters and the immortal guardians of rivers, fountains and springs.

Company history[edit]

Naya’s founders searched for five years for a spring with specific qualities and found the Naya spring at the foot of the Laurentians in Mirabel, just north of Montreal. In 1986, the plant was built at the same location so that the water could be bottled as close to the spring as possible.[citation needed]

Naya spring[edit]

The Naya spring is located in Mirabel, at the foot of the Laurentian mountains, which contain aquifers that have formed over millions of years. Naya water is drawn from an aquifer located at a depth of over 30 metres deep. Naya spring water is a natural and renewable resource.[1]


  • Naya: natural spring water available in 5 sizes.
  • Naya Zest: spring water with natural flavours. Available in 1-L bottles, 4 flavours: lemon-lime, strawberry-raspberry, pink grapefruit-green tea, and peach-nectarine.
  • Aquakids: a small bottle represented by SpongeBob, with a sport cap.

Environmental commitment[edit]

Naya states that it is committed to carbon footprint reduction, and recently introduced bottles made from 100% recycled plastic, also called rPET.[2] This means that used plastic is recycled and utilised in the manufacture of Naya bottles. [3] Since 2008, Naya donates 1% of its revenues to the protection of the environment.[4] These funds finance a number of partnerships, such as the one with the Fondation de la faune du Québec, named the "Naya Fund," a fund which aims to improve water quality and aquatic habitats in urban areas, to emphasize aquatic fauna in urban catchment areas, to support a dialogue between municipal, environmental and wildlife experts, and to raise awareness among city dwellers on the importance of protecting urban rivers and streams.[5]


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