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NASA astronaut image of Nayau island, Lau Archipelago, Fiji
Nayau is located in Fiji
Location in Fiji
Coordinates: 17°59′S 179°3′W / 17.983°S 179.050°W / -17.983; -179.050Coordinates: 17°59′S 179°3′W / 17.983°S 179.050°W / -17.983; -179.050
Country Fiji
Island group Northern Lau Islands

Nayau is an island of Fiji, a member of the Lau archipelago. Nearby cities: Nuku'Alofa; Mu'a; Lata

Coordinates: 17°58'39"S 179°3'13"W.

Nayau, north of Lakeba, is one of the islands in the Lau Group. Delaiwawa is the name of its highest mountain and is the tallest towering mountain in the whole Lau group. During the old days when they go to battle Nayauan Warlords were victorious in most battles because from these mountains they could see their enermies coming to their shores, and were slaughtered before they reached its shores. Has three villages which are Liku, Salia, and Narocivo. Very isolated island but is a chiefly island where the traditional ceremony of the TuiNayau and Sau ni vanua o Lau is installed. Nayau people are known as the Vunirewa meaning the origin, older, base or the Rewa tree itself and the Vuanirewa clan which are in Lakeba are from Nayau meaning vuana, younger, or fruit of the tree. Nayau, consists of the Masi ni vanua o Lau which are the VakaniNayau or TuiLiku {chief of Liku village], TuiDevobalavu or TuiDevo [chief of Salia] and TuiNarocivo or TuiNaro [chief of Narocivo]. These three chiefs make up the 'Masi ni Vanua O Lau' and they decide the next successor of the TuiNayau Sau Ni Vanua O Lau and installation of the TuiNayau in the chiefly island of Nayau.