Ndere Island

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Ndere Island has sweeping views of Lake Victoria, and a remarkably serene and tranquil environment compared to the mainland.
Ndere Island, Lake Victoria, Kenya. View across a hyacinth-choked lakeshore.

Ndere Island is a small island (4.2 km2 or 1.6 sq mi) in Winam Gulf of Lake Victoria in Kenya. It was gazetted as the Ndere Island National Reserve in November 1986 and has since that time been uninhabited.

Ndere means "meeting place" in Dholuo. According to Luo folklore, early tribal migrants rested up near Ndere after their long journey south up the Nile River Valley. They found the lush shoreline so pleasing that they stayed.

Notable fauna associated with the island include African fish eagles, swifts, hippopotamus, and Nile crocodiles. About fifty impalas have been introduced to the island.

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View from atop Ndere Island, Lake Victoria, Kenya.

Coordinates: 0°13′S 34°30′E / 0.217°S 34.500°E / -0.217; 34.500