Necromancer (1988 film)

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1988 film necromancer.jpg
DVD release cover
Directed by Dusty Nelson
Produced by William J. Males
Roy McAree
Michael Scordino
Written by William T. Naud
Starring Elizabeth Kaitan
John Tyler
Rhonda Dorton
Stan Hurwitz
Edward A. Wright
Shawn Eisner
Russ Tamblyn
Lois Masten
Music by Kevin Klingler
Bob Mamet
Gary Stockdale
Cinematography Eric Cayla
Richard Clabaugh
Edited by Carole A. Kenneally
Distributed by Bonaire Film
Spectrum Entertainment
Release date
Running time
88 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Necromancer is a 1988 American horror film directed by Dusty Nelson and starring Elizabeth Kaitan.[1] The story follows a young woman who is raped by a group of men, and contacts a necromancer to exact her revenge.

Plot synopsis[edit]

Three friends, Paul, Carl and Allan break into their professor's office to steal the answers for an important test, what they do not know is that they are not alone. Fellow student Julie Johnson is finishing some work when she spots Allan, it is not long before the three of them gang up on Julie. While Carl holds her, Paul pulls out a knife and threatens to cut her, only to cut her underwear off and rape her as the others watch on, soon after they threaten and blackmail her to keep quiet.

The next day Julie is upset about the night before, she confides in her best friend Freda, who tries to talk her into going to the police but Julie refuses. Later that day Freda finds an advert in a paper advertising 'revenge', they make inquiries into this and she and Julie go to a house owned by a strange woman who casts a spell to summon a demon to exact vengeance against those who attacked Julie.[2]


  • Elizabeth Kaitan - Julie Johnson (credited as Elizabeth Cayton)
  • John Tyler - Eric Freiden
  • Rhonda Dorton - Freda Lurch
  • Stan Hurwitz - Paul DuShane
  • Edward A. Wright - Carl Caulder
  • Shawn Eisner - Allan
  • Russ Tamblyn - Charles DeLonge
  • Lois Masten - Necromancer
  • David Flynn - David
  • Lisa Randolph - Mary
  • Lisa Beth Wilson - Linda
  • Scott Harrison - Romeo
  • Kieth Burns - Gus
  • Carla Baron - Gail
  • Jimmy Williams - Lecherous Guard
  • Shannon McLeod - Edna
  • Pamela Bunte - 1st Girl
  • Kelly Ford - 2nd Girl
  • Kelly Turner - Girl in Gallery
  • Jonathan Jones - Boy #1
  • Ed Neimeyer - Student #1
  • Bill Whitefield - Student #2
  • Karl Coleman - Student #3
  • Tracey Ellis - Student #4
  • Scott Ewing - Student #5
  • Waide Aaron Riddle - Ernest


The film has received a negative critical reception. On Rotten Tomatoes, the film has a "rotten" score of 23%[3] and it holds a rating of 4.0/10 at the Internet Movie Database.[4]

Home media[edit]

Necromancer was released in several countries on VHS format.

The film was released on DVD by Image Entertainment on September 26, 2000 in the United States.

In the United Kingdom, the DVD was made available via Lionsgate Home Entertainment on September 10, 2012.


As of yet, the film's soundtrack has not been released. The film score was produced by Kevin Klingler and Music Pac Services Inc. Music for the soundtrack was produced by Jacaranda Music Inc.

The main soundtrack music includes:

  • "Call of the Wild"[5] - performed by Andy Landis
    — Written by Andy Landis, Howard Benson and Steve Elliot.
  • "Killer Love" - performed by Curt Cuomo
    — Written by Judeth Randell, Curt Cuomo and Rick Buche.
  • "Turnaround" - performed by Trapper
    — Written by Richard Thibodeau (available from BMI Records).


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