Neil Campbell (bishop of Argyll)

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For people named Neil Campbell, see Neil Campbell.
Neil Campbell
Bishop of Argyll
Church Church of Scotland
Diocese Diocese of Argyll
In office 1580–1608
Predecessor James Hamilton
Successor John Campbell (son)
Consecration 1580
Personal details
Died January 1613 or before 21 July 1627
Nationality Scottish
Spouse Christine Carswell

Neil Campbell (Scottish Gaelic: Niall Caimbeul) (died c. 1613 or 1627) was the son of Alexander, son of the parson [MacPherson] ("Alasdair mac a' Phearsain"), a member of the Campbells of Carnassarie.[1]

He is probably the Nigellus Campbell who graduated from the University of St Andrews in 1575 as Master of Arts.[1] The Neil Campbell who was recorded as the parson of Kilmartin and precentor of Lismore Cathedral in 1574 is probably him too.[2]

Following the death of James Hamilton in 1580, Neil Campbell became Bishop of Argyll.[1] In March 1588, he examined witnesses in a civil dispute on behalf of the Privy Council, and in the following year the Privy Council placed him in charge of the commission against catholics in Argyll; in August of that year (i.e. 1589), the Moderator of the General Assembly, Patrick Galloway, appointed Neil as one of the Assembly's assessors.[1]

He married Christine,[3] daughter of John Carswell, Bishop of the Isles and his predecessor as parson of Kilmartin.[1] With Christine, he had several children. His eldest was John Campbell, who went on to become his father's successor as Bishop of Argyll; another son, Neil, became Bishop of the Isles.[1] He had at least four other childrean: Colin, Alexander, Donald and a daughter whose name has not survived.[1]

He resigned his see to his son sometime between January and June 1608; he died in January 1613[4] or before 21 July 1627.[3][5]


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Religious titles
Preceded by
James Hamilton
Bishop of Argyll
Succeeded by
John Campbell