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Not to be confused with Nelle Harper Lee.
Nelle Lee
Nelle Lee in 2011
Nelle Lee in 2011
Nationality Australian
Occupation Actor, scriptwriter

Nelle Lee is a Brisbane-based actress and writer best known for theatre work and for appearing in the film Jucy (2010). She studied at the University of Southern Queensland, and graduated in 2004 with a BTA acting.[1] She then went on tour in Queensland and Victoria with "Newton's Law". After three seasons, Nelle went on to perform with a variety of theatre companies, including the Queensland Theatre Company, the Harvest Rain Theatre Company,[2] and Backbone Youth Arts.

Nelle has also acted in several film and television productions in the Brisbane area, including All My Friends Are Leaving Brisbane and Jucy.[2] Additionally, she has voiced animations and radio commercials. She is currently the artistic director of the Brisbane theatre group "Shake and Stir",[3][4] alongside Ross Balbuziente and Nick Skubij.

Nelle Lee also has a dance background and she has choreographed a number of cabaret and main stage shows.[5]

Film and TV credits[edit]

Theatre credits[edit]

  • The Kooky Christmas Counterfeit (2005)
  • The Works of William Shakespeare [By Chicks] (2006)
  • Alice (2007) (Mouse, Dormouse, Oyster, and Haigha)
  • Statespeare (2009)[6]
  • Property of the Clan (2010)
  • The Crucible (2010)
  • Animal Farm (2011, 2013)[7]
  • 1984 (2012)
  • Out Damned Snot (2013)
  • Tequila Mockingbird (2013) (Rachel, writer)
  • 1984 (2014) (Julia)


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