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Nelly Moretto (20 September 1925 – 24 November 1978) was an Argentine composer and pianist.

She was born in Rosario, Argentina, and studied at the National Conservatory and the Torcuato di Tella Institute in Buenos Aires, and at the University of Illinois. She worked for a time at the electronic studio Estudio de Fonología Musical (EFM) at the University of Buenos Aires.[1][2] She died in Buenos Aires.


Selected works include:

  • Composición 9a for two instrumental groups, tape, dance and lights, 1965
  • Composición 9b for tape, 1966
  • Coribattenti for string quartet and tape, 1967
  • Composición No.13: In Memorian J. C. Paz for trumpet and tape, 1972
  • Composición No.14: Bah! le dije al tiempo for violin, trumpet, piano and tape, 1974/1975[3]


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