Nelson Medina

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Nelson Medina
Born Nelson Medina
Lima, Perú
Nationality Peruvian
Occupation Artist
Art Director
Known for Revolutionart

Nelson Medina (born 1978) is an artist from Lima, Perú. Recognized early in his career, Medina has shown his works internationally in his magazine Revolutionart,[1] which also promotes the work of independent artists and famous talents.

Artists from all around the world participate in his requests to discuss world issues.[2] Some of the main topics covered are climate change, economic crisis, evolution, pandemics, the future of humanity, space and nature. His work is to hunt global trends and turn them into calls that generate reflection from the artists.

In this magazine he has interviewed personalities like Floria Sigismondi,[3] Anthony Hopkins, Simone Legno,[4] Matt Mignanelli,[5] Skew Siskin,[6] Jeremyville,[7] Bogdan Zwir, Mark Miremont, Andrzej Dragan,[8] Adhemas Batista, Joey Lawrence, Fernanda Cohen, Brian M. Viveros, Nik Ainley, Jeff Finley and many more.


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