Nenad Medvidović

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Nenad Medvidović
Residence Los Angeles, United States
Citizenship Montenegrin
Awards IEEE Fellow (2016)
ACM Distinguished Member (2015)
ACM/IEEE ICSE Most Influential Paper Award (2008)
IEEE ICSA Best Paper Award (2017)
Scientific career
Fields Software Engineering
Computer Science
Institutions University of Southern California
Doctoral advisor Richard Taylor
Doctoral students Marija Mikic-Rakic, Nikunj Mehta, Roshanak Roshandel, Sam Malek, Christian Mattmann, Yuriy Brun, Chiyoung Seo, George Edwards, David Woollard, Daniel Popescu, Ivo Krka, Hossein Tajalli, Joshua Garcia, Jae young Bang, Gholamreza Safi

Nenad Medvidović is a Professor of Computer Science and Informatics at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles.[1] He is a fellow of the IEEE[2] and an ACM Distinguished Scientist.[3] He is chair of ACM SIGSOFT[4] and co-author of Software Architecture: Foundations, Theory, and Practice (2009). In 2008, he received the Most Influential Paper Award for a paper titled "Architecture-Based Runtime Software Evolution"[5] published in the ACM/IEEE International Conference on Software Engineering 1998.[6] In 2017, he received an IEEE International Conference on Software Architecture Best Paper Award[7] for his paper titled "Continuous Analysis of Collaborative Design".[8]



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