Neoga Community Unit School District 3

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Neoga Community Unit School District 3 is a unified school district located in the central Illinois city of Neoga, for which the district is named. Neoga, in turn, is a city located in northwestern Cumberland County. The district is composed of three schools: one elementary school, one middle school, and one high school compose the unified district. Education begins at Neoga Elementary School, where children in grades ranging from kindergarten to three are educated; the school also runs a prekindergarten program. Neoga Elementary School is run by Seth James.[1]Graduates attend Neoga Middle School, and remain there until the sixth grade. The school is also run by Seth James.[2] The last branch of precollegiate education in the district takes place at the combined Neoga Junior/Senior High School, and students in grades seven through twelve are taught in this facility; the principal of the combined high school is Benjamin Johnson.[3] The district superintendent is Mr. Charles Castle,[4]and the district's mascot is the Indian.

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