Neolithodes grimaldii

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Porcupine crab
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Subphylum: Crustacea
Class: Malacostraca
Order: Decapoda
Infraorder: Anomura
Superfamily: Lithodoidea
Family: Lithodidae
Genus: Neolithodes
Species: N. grimaldii
Binomial name
Neolithodes grimaldii
(A. Milne-Edwards & Bouvier, 1894)

Neolithodes grimaldii, the porcupine crab, is a species of king crab in the family Lithodidae. It is found on the continental slope at depths below 900 m (3,000 ft) in the North Atlantic.[1] As suggested by its common name, the carapace and legs are covered in long spines.[2] This red crab has a carapace that is up to 18 cm (7.1 in), a leg span up to 1.2 m (3.9 ft) and can weigh as much as 2.28 kg (5.0 lb).[1][2] Females are somewhat smaller than males.[2] Fisheries for turbot sometimes have porcupine crabs as a bycatch.[2]


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