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The Netherlands Institute of International Relations Clingendael or Clingendael Institute (Dutch: Nederlands Instituut voor Internationale Betrekkingen Clingendael) is an independent think tank and diplomatic academy which studies various aspects of international relations. The institute is based in Wassenaar in Huys Clingendael, a 17th-century manor house which is part of the Clingendael estate.

Huys Clingendael

Clingendael provides information, conducts research and develops training programmes for a large number of audiences, including Dutch diplomats and civil servants as well as representatives of foreign ministries, staff of the armed forces and employees of NGOs and the private sector. Clingendael also acts in an advisory capacity to the government, parliament and social organisations, organises conferences and seminars, maintains a library and documentation centre and publishes a Dutch-language monthly on international politics. As of 2012 the Institute is organised into two departments: Clingendael Research and Clingendael Academy.

Clingendael estate

Former Dutch minister of foreign affairs Ben Bot, is chairman of the board of the Institute.

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