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Coordinates: 48°40′51″N 22°24′33″E / 48.68083°N 22.40917°E / 48.68083; 22.40917 Nevytske Castle (Ukrainian: Невицький замок; Hungarian: Nevickei vár) is a semi-ruined castle in Zakarpattia Oblast, Ukraine.

It is located 12 kilometres (7.5 mi) north of Uzhhorod near villages Nevytske and Kamianytsia, Uzhhorod Raion along the H13. The castle is located in woods on the hill of volcanic origin with relative elevation of 122 metres (400 ft) and few hundred meters to the east of the road and river that flows along. Such location of the castle was giving a good opportunity to control Transcarpathian route over the Uzhok pass (Bieszczady Mountains).

The castle was first mentioned in 1274 belonging to the King of Hungary Laszlo IV as a dungeon or a keep. Completely rebuilt in the early 15th century, it, towering over the Uzh River, was the mighty citadel of the Drugeth family which supervised its continuous modernisation over the centuries. The keep, rebuilt in its present form in the early 16th century, passed from hand to hand during the internecine strife that convulsed Hungary in the early 17th century.

In 1644, Prince of Transylvania George II Rákóczi ruined the castle, leaving it much as it stands today. A decline in defensive importance of the site as well as the remote and inaccessible situation of the castle have preserved it from complete demolition.

Near the site is located Uzhhorod Military Training Center.


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