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NewWave was an object-oriented graphical desktop environment and office productivity tool for PCs running early versions of Microsoft Windows (beginning with 2.0). It was developed by Hewlett-Packard and introduced c. 1989. It was used on the HP Vectras.

HP promoted NewWave until the release of Windows 95, at which time further development of the product ceased due to incompatibility with the new operating system. Because of alleged similarities to the Macintosh GUI, NewWave was the subject of an unsuccessful "look and feel" lawsuit by Apple (see Apple v. Microsoft). The NewWave GUI (together with the contemporaneous NeXTSTEP GUI) introduced the shaded "3-D look and feel" that was later widely adopted.

HP encouraged independent software vendors to produce versions of applications that took advantage of NewWave functionality—namely, versions that worked with objects instead of files. One early example was Lotus, who produced an edition of their Microsoft Windows word processor Ami Pro entitled "Ami Pro for NewWave."

NewWave also featured icons, scheduled scripts in the form of "agents", and "hot connects."[1]

Further reading[edit]

Articles in August 1989 issue of Hewlett-Packard Journal:[2]

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