New Beginnings (TV series)

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New Beginnings
Genre Dramedy
Created by Yeo Saik Pin 杨锡彬
Seah Choon Guan 谢俊源
Written by Phang Kai Yee 彭凯毅 and co.
Directed by Wong Foong Hwee 黄芬菲 and co.
Starring Jeanette Aw
Elvin Ng
Tay Ping Hui
Jesseca Liu
Zhang Zhenhuan
Tracy Tan
Joshua Ang
Opening theme 《在我左右》 by Serene Koong
Ending theme 《明知我爱你》 by Serene Koong
Original language(s) Chinese
No. of episodes 20
Producer(s) Lai Lee Thin 赖丽婷
Running time approx. 45 minutes
Original network MediaCorp TV Channel 8
Original release 14 April 2010
Preceded by The Best Things in Life
Followed by With You
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New Beginnings (红白囍事) is a 20-episode Singaporean drama which debuted on 14 April 2010.


Artiste Character Description
Richard Low Cai family Cai Fulin 蔡福临 Father of Shiya, Shihui and Shicai
Owner of a funeral parlour
Jeanette Aw Cai Shiya 蔡施雅 Oldest child of Fulin
Works with her father as a mortician
Shihui and Shicai's eldest sister
Tracy Tan Cai Shihui 蔡施慧 Shiya's younger sister
Shicai's second sister
Ziyang's ex-girlfriend
Joshua Ang Cai Shicai 蔡施才 Fulin's youngest child
Shiya and Shihui's younger brother
Mentally handicapped
Hong Huifang Ye family Li Xiuyun 李秀云 Jiajun's widowed mother
Elvin Ng Ye Jiajun 叶家俊 Son of Xiuyun
Shiya's colleague and former engineer
Married Shiya in episode 20
Lin Meijiao Li family Yan Ruyi 严如意 Li Jiabao's wife
Mother of Zihao and Ziyang
Li Jiabao Yan Ruyi's husband
Zihao and Ziyang's father
Tay Ping Hui Li Zihao 李子豪 Eldest son of Jiabao and Ruyi
Ziyang's brother
Wedding planner
Married Wenxi in episode 20
Zhang Zhenhuan Li Ziyang 李子扬 Zihao's younger brother
Shihui's ex-boyfriend
Jesseca Liu[1] Tang family Tang Wenxi 唐汶汐 Zihao's business partner
Wedding gown designer
Later in love with Zihao
Married Zihao in episode 20

Other characters[edit]

Artiste Character Description
Julie Tan Xiaofang 小芳 Shicai's friend
Immigrant from Vietnam who was tricked into prostitution
Yuan Shuai Fan Yong 范勇 Xiaofang's childhood friend
Drug addict
Bryan Chan Uncle De 德叔 An employee at Fulin's funernal parlour
Ng Hui Wu Dailin 吴黛琳 Wenxi's cousin
Chen Tianwen Chen Congming 陈聪明 Dailin's friend (later husband)
Jade Seah Michelle Ian's fiancée
Romeo Tan Tom
Nick Shen ZhenXiong
Bobby Tonelli Ian Michelle's fiancé
Yao Wenlong Lao Shi


The plot revolves around the Li family, who are in the wedding business, and the Cai family, who run a mortuary. The Chinese traditionally believe that the "red" (represents fortune and happiness) and "white" (associated with death) are not to be associated. As fate would have it, the younger generation cross paths and love blossoms.

2011 Accolades[edit]

New Beginnings was well received by audiences. It came second for the year 2010, behind With You, in terms of viewership numbers with around 937,000 viewers per episode.[2] The other dramas nominated for Best Drama Series are Unriddle , Breakout , The Family Court & With You and Best Theme Songs are Breakout, With You ,The Best things in life & The Illusionist.

Star Awards 2011[edit]

Award Nominee Result
Best Drama Theme Song 《在我左右》 by Serene Koong Nominated
Best Drama Serial New Beginnings Nominated
Top Rated Drama Serial 2010 New Beginnings Nominated
Best Screenplay Seah Choon Guan/Yeo Saik Pin Nominated


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