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This page lists the results of leadership elections held by the New Brunswick Liberal Association. Before 1930 leaders were chosen by the caucus.

1930 leadership convention[edit]

(Held April 23, 1930)

Jones was defeated in the 1930 general election and resigned. Allison Dysart remained House leader.

1932 leadership convention[edit]

(Held October 5, 1932)[1]

(Note: the vote totals do not appear to have been released. Dysart won by a large majority)

Developments 1932-1954[edit]

Dysart resigned as premier in 1940. He was succeeded by McNair on March 13 of that year. Following McNair's personal defeat in the 1952 general election which also swept the Liberals from power he resigned and Austin Claude Taylor was chosen House leader.

1954 leadership convention[edit]

(Held on October 16, 1954)

Taylor resigned when he was appointed to the Senate on January 3, 1957. Joseph E. Connolly was chosen House leader.

1958 leadership convention[edit]

(Held on October 11, 1958)[2]

First Ballot:

Second Ballot (Hicks eliminated. Murphy, Duffie and Urquhart withdrew):

Third Ballot (Connolly eliminated):

1971 leadership convention[edit]

(Held October 16, 1971)

First Ballot:

Second Ballot (Harquail eliminated. Williamson and Theriault withdrew):

1978 leadership convention[edit]

(Held May 6, 1978)[2]

First Ballot:

Second Ballot (McCready eliminated. Breau and Mooney withdrew):

Third Ballot (Young eliminated):

Daigle resigned due to a caucus revolt on November 19, 1981. Doug Young was chosen interim leader.

1982 leadership convention[edit]

(Held on February 27, 1982)

1985 leadership convention[edit]

(Held May 4, 1985)

1998 leadership convention[edit]

(Held May 2, 1998)

2002 leadership convention[edit]

(Held May 11, 2002)

2012 leadership convention[edit]

(Held October 27, 2012)

2012 Liberal leadership election results[4][5]
Candidate Points %
Brian Gallant 3,259.44 59.26
Michael Murphy 2,089.39 37.99
Nick Duivenvoorden 151.17 2.75


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