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New Welsh Review is a literary magazine published in Wales. Its primary language is English, with brief excerpts of texts indicated in the original Welsh.


Founded in 1988 as successor to The Welsh Review (1939–1948), Dock Leaves, and The Anglo-Welsh Review (1949–1987), New Welsh Review is Wales’s foremost literary magazine in English. It publishes articles on literature, theatre, and the arts, as well as interviews, reviews, original short stories, and poetry.

From the time its initial issues were published, New Welsh Review has been central to the Welsh literary scene. Its focus is on Welsh writing in English, but the journal’s outlook also features broad UK and international contexts. Contributors include some of the greatest Welsh and international writers and thinkers: Dannie Abse, Paul Muldoon, P. D. James, Emyr Humphreys, Leslie Norris, Gwyneth Lewis, Les Murray, Rachel Trezise, Niall Griffiths, Owen Sheers, Terry Eagleton, Edna Longley, Byron Rogers, Gillian Clarke and Paul Groves.[1]

The magazine is published quarterly in Aberystwyth with core financial support from the Welsh Books Council. In addition, it receives sponsorship from Aberystwyth University, the University of Glamorgan, and Cardiff University.



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