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New World Order, new world order or The New World Order may refer to:


  • The New World Order (Wells), a 1940 book by H. G. Wells promoting a post-World War II new world order uniting the world and bringing peace
  • The New World Order (Robertson), a 1991 book by Pat Robertson presenting a conspiracy theory in which Christians are targeted for persecution
  • The New World Order of Islam, (Urdu: Nizam-e-Nau), an address delivered in 1942 by Mirza Mahmood Ahmad, the second Caliph of the Ahmadiyya movement in Islam (later published as a book); being a comparative appraisal of Islam's solution to the problem of socio-economic inequality in the world
  • The New World Order, a 1944 book by Maulana Muhammad Ali arguing that only Islam can establish lasting world peace
  • The Gulf Crisis and the New World Order is a 1990 book comprising a series of seventeen sermons delivered by Mirza Tahir Ahmad, the fourth Caliph of the Ahmadiyya Islamic movement
  • The New World Order, a 1990 book by A. Ralph Epperson presenting a Masonic New World Order conspiracy theory
  • The New World Order, a 2004 science fiction novel by Ben Jeapes
  • The New World Order: Facts & Fiction, a 2010 book by Mark Dice analyzing NWO conspiracy theories


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