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NewsLibrary is an online news database operated by Newsbank that houses a conglomeration of news from over "4,000 outlets in the United States", most of which are "traditional" sources of news coverage, such as "newspapers and television stations".[1] A total of 65 different newspapers are included in the article database.[2] The database itself allows a user to input a search term and then narrow the listed search by date, region and newspaper, with the earliest possible articles to find being from the early 1980s.[3] The site charges a fee for viewing the content, which is done on a pay-per-article scale, with each article costing $1.95.[4] The cost of viewing articles is charged to the user accounts on a monthly basis, though there is the option to purchase 100 articles directly for $77.[5]

Originally developed by Knight Ridder,[6] It is described as a successor to the web archive VU/TEXT that was owned by Knight Ridder and shut down in 1996.[7] NewsLibrary was purchased by Newsbank in 2001.[8]

NewsLibrary differs from other news databases in that the site allows the user to input a date, region, and newspaper, but nothing in the search bar; this brings up all of the articles published within the narrowed selection string, rather than searching for the use of a term or phrase within an article.[9]

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