Nexus (Argentine band)

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Origin Argentina
Genres Progressive rock
Years active alife
Labels Record Runner
Members Lalo Huber – keyboards, back vocals
Luis Nakamura -drums
Carlos Lucena - guitars, vocals
Daniel Ianniruberto – bass

Nexus is a progressive rock band from Argentina. They were founded end of the 1970s, but released their first album in 1999.

The Band is known all around the entire world, have performed many shows in different countries (Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, USA, Chile, Panama) and have experienced good sales, reception and reviews of their albums.


  • 1999: Detrás del Umbral (Record Runner, Studio album)
  • 2001: Metanoia (Record Runner, Studio album)
  • 2002: Live at NEARFest 2000 (Record Runner, Live)
  • 2005: Odyssey The Greatest Tale (Participation with a 25 minutes song) (Musea)
  • 2006: Perpetuum Karma (Record Runner, Studio album)
  • 2007: Bs As Free Experience 2 (Record Runner, Studio jamming album)
  • 2012: Aire (Record Runner, Studio album)

Coming soon: Special edition DVD with a Baja Prog 2000 show and exclusive tour images (all on Record Runner)

Nexus has been invited again to collaborate with Musea and Colossus. The new works are The Treasure's Island (Nexus' contribution is a 23-minute-long suite) and Inferno based on La Divina Comedia (Canto VII).

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