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Wurrumiyanga (/wʊrʊmiˈjɑːŋə/), formerly Nguiu (/ˈnjj/, locally [ˈŋuju]), is a community on the southern coast of Bathurst Island, Northern Territory, Australia.

Nguiu was founded in 1911 as a Catholic mission by Francis Xavier Gsell.[1]

In 2010 Nguiu was renamed Wurrumiyanga, meaning the place where the cycads grow, by the Tiwi Land Council.[2]

Nguiu Post Office opened on 3 June 1974 as the first office on Bathurst Island.[3]

There are two Catholic schools in the town; Murrupurtiyanuwu Catholic Primary School, and Xavier Catholic College (Years 7-13)[4].


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Coordinates: 11°45′33″S 130°38′05″E / 11.7591°S 130.6347°E / -11.7591; 130.6347