Ni ovde ni tamo

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Ni ovde ni tamo
Negative - Ni Ovde Ni Tamo.jpg
Studio album by Negative
Released December, 2002
Recorded 2001
Genre Alternative rock, Hard rock
Length 48:02
Negative chronology
Ni ovde ni tamo
Singles from Ni ovde ni tamo
  1. "Kraj"
    Released: 2001
  2. "Bez promene"
    Released: 2002

Ni ovde ni tamo is the second studio album from Serbian rock band Negative. It was recorded in 2001, and released in December 2002. The album introduced a new, heavier sound with a completely new, somewhat neo punk visual style of the band. The album helped the band gain popularity among alternative audiences. Public media informally proclaimed this album for their best one because of "harder" and "faster" melody then previous and last one.

Videos were shot for the songs "Bez promene" and "Kraj".

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Bez promene"   4:31
2. "Ni ovde ni tamo"   3:33
3. "Od stakla"   4:02
4. "Tuga nema kraj"   4:17
5. "Nova prilika"   3:41
6. "Led"   4:43
7. "Loš dan"   2:37
8. "Kontakt"   2:24
9. "Bez straha"   3:24
10. "Konačan početak"   3:16
11. "Bajka"   5:34
12. "Kraj"   3:04
13. "Live and Let Die" (hidden track) 3:06

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