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Video game development
Industry Video game industry
Defunct 2010
Headquarters Krakow, Poland
Number of employees
Website (Closed)

Nibris was a video game development company located in Krakow, Poland, developing primarily for the Nintendo DS and Wii video game consoles. Nibris was most known for its cancelled Wii project Sadness, a survival horror game. The company no longer exists; its official website closed in February 2010, making Double Blob the only game developed. [1] and was reported later in October to have been transformed into a coordinator for the European Center of Games, ceasing game development permanently. Remaining Nibris staff and projects were also reported to have been handed over to Bloober Team, another game developer.[2]

Announced projects[edit]

  • Sadness (Wii) (Cancelled)
  • The Children of the Night (Nintendo DS) (Cancelled)
  • Raid of the River (Wii, Nintendo DS) (Cancelled)
  • Double Bloob (Wii, Nintendo's DSiWare) (Released December 1, 2010)[1]


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