Nicholas Pillai Pakiaranjith

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Father Nicholas Pillai Pakiaranjith
Born June 11, 1967
Echamotai Jaffna, Sri Lanka
Died September 26, 2007
Mannar Sri Lanka
Occupation Parish Priest

Father Nicholas Pillai Pakiaranjith was a minority Sri Lankan Tamil, Roman Catholic parish priest and aid worker. He was killed on 26 September 2008 by a Deep Penetration Unit of the Sri Lankan Army.


Nicholas Pillai was born in Jaffna and joined the Mannar diocese and was ordained as a Jesuit priest on December 17, 1997 .He was also the District Coordinator of Mannar for the Jesuit Refugee Service which helped and worked with war displaced Tamils.[1] His death is part of a series of killing of Tamil human rights workers.[2]


Nicholas Pillai was on the way to provide aid to displaced Tamils when his van was hit by a claymore mine on Kalvi'laan on Maangkulam - Vellaangkulam road in Mannar while he was on his way to Vidaththaltheevu.[3][4] He was killed while he was on his humanitarian mission.[5][6]

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