Nicholas Teliatnikow

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Nicholai Teliatnikow
Born Nicholai Teliatnikow
15 May 1909
Died July 3, 1970(1970-07-03) (aged 61)
New York City
Nationality Russian
Known for Photography

Nicholai, Nikolaj, or Nicholas Pavlovich Teliatnikow (Russian: Николай Павлович Телятников; May 15, 1909 – July 3, 1970) was a Russian photographer and photojournalist based in New York City. He was renowned for his portrayal of Russian-American life in New York City, depicting social as well as historical issues such as the White Emigre.


Teliatnikow received much attention for his portrayal of Russian-American life in New York City, particularly his depiction of the White Emigre. He was the main photographer for the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia from 1940 to 1960; he photographed Russian-American events such as weddings, christenings, balls, conferences and demonstrations. He also photographed several clergymen of the Eastern Orthodox Church.

Teliatnikow signed his photographs with a white, hand-written watermark, "Photo by N. Teliatnikow". He owned two studios, which he eventually combined in his Hamilton Heights apartment, where he stored over 50,000 photographs (including the negatives).


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