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Cecil Altman Boone (born June 1, 1935, Jacksonville, Florida), known as Nick Todd, is an American pop singer. He is the younger brother of pop singer Pat Boone.[1] He had two hit records called "Plaything" and "At The Hop", which reached #41 and #21, respectively, on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. "Plaything" debuted in October 1957 and "At The Hop" debuted in December 1957, the same month Danny & the Juniors' version reached #1 on the chart.[2]

The president of Dot Records, Randy Wood, did not want him using the same last name as his brother, so he made up "Todd", which is basically "Dot" (Records) spelled backwards. Both recordings were backed by Billy Vaughn and his Orchestra.

Nick Todd earned a master's degree in Social Work from the University of Tennessee and during the 1970s was executive director of West Tennessee AGAPE, a family service organization. He later moved to Nashville, Tennessee, where he continued work as a Social Worker, song leader among the churches of Christ, and instructor in Social Work at David Lipscomb University.


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