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Nickels is a betting game played with any desired denomination of coins. It is played on a flat, hard surface next to a back wall, such as the side of a building or a street curb. The objective of Nickels is to place your coin closer to the wall than your opponents.

Play area[edit]

The play area consists of the following.

  • A foul line, of which players are forbidden to step over during a throw.
  • A goal line at the opposite side of the foul line
  • Boundary lines at each side of the field of play, which spectators or coins are not allowed to cross.


Rules of the game, some necessary and others not, include:

  • The foul line can not be crossed during a throw, doing so results in immediate loss of the round.
  • The coin will not be scored, and will be lost, if it leaves the boundary area.
  • Bouncing the coin off the goal line is permitted.
  • If the time is not taken to clear a proper area, and no boundary lines are set, a coin is in "interference" if it touches any obstacle (such as a backpack). Coins in interference are lost as if they went out of bounds.
  • Play is separated into rounds, of which the winner collects all the coins played unless specified that the round is "friendly" or "for practice."

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