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Queens club nightmarer.jpg
EP by Queens Club
Released October 6, 2009[1]
Genre Electropop
Length 22:06 Minutes
Label Tooth and Nail
Queens Club chronology
Nightmarer EP
Young Giant

Nightmarer is the first EP by the band Queens Club. It was released on October 9, 2009 on Tooth and Nail Records.

Critical reception[edit]

Tyler Hess of Christian Music Zine said:

Queens Club is accessible, but far from bubble gum pop, preferring to get the listener to do a little shake and get in the mood for some dancing, with a heavy dose of synths without losing the ability to rock. Sure, this has been done, maybe even better, but it is hard to say that it isn’t quite a bit enjoyable from beginning to end.

— CMZ[1]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Nightmarer" – 2:46
  2. "Dust" – 3;34
  3. "Family Ties" – 3:26
  4. "Greinke" – 4:21
  5. "Uh Huh" – 2:43
  6. "Nightmarer (Max Justus Remix)" – 5:16


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