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The Nihon Ryakki (日本略記?) or Nihon Ryakuki (1596[1]) (An Abbreviated Record of Japan) is a chronicle of the history of Japan. It mentions the kitsune.[2][dubious ]

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  2. ^ "In ancient times, according to the Nihon Ryakki, one of the oldest books of records, a great number of foxes lived even in the national capital, Kyoto: In the reign of the Emperor Kammu (737-806), foxes barked at night in the Imperial Palace in December, 803; and in the reign of the Emperor Saga (786-842), foxes walked up the stairs of the Imperial Palace in September, 820." From the "Chapter 1: Background to Appreciation" of Kitsune: Japan's Fox of Mystery, Romance and Humor by Kiyosho Nozaki, 1961 by the Hokuseido Press

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